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How to export HQ photos to instagram

The Secret to Export the best quality photos to Instagram and Facebook We all want to have the best quality and sharp photos on our social media, right? Let’s find out today which are the best settings to export our images to Instagram! Before exporting your files to use in Lightroom you should try to use some simple rules

The aspect ratio of your photos should be between 1.91:1 and 4:5 otherwise IG will resize it to fit the square shape of the layout.

If you shoot thinking to use your images only for this platform try to shoot primarily on portrait mode.

Using Lightroom After having your images edited it's time to show it to the world! So let’s go for it!

1. Choose a specific location to export it on your hard drive and name it as you wish

Pro Tip - include suffixes as IG and FB to differentiate both.

2. Now it’s time to choose the format and color space, that will be JPEG and sRGB because they are the most common ones on the web.

The Image quality will be around 80% and you don’t need to limit the file size.

3. Pro Tip Note that you can adjust the settings on your Instagram for uploading HD photos. Go to

* Account

* Data Usage”

* Turn on High-quality uploads

3. Resize to fit on the Lr dialog box adjusting the long edge only, in pixels, with the resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Pro Tip - We think that you should keep your long edge to 2,160px because IG may be in the future evolve the default compression to 4k (3,840px X 2160px)

4. Another important feature is selecting the sharpening output to Screen and leaving the amount at standard.

5. You will also have the option to select on the Metadata, to maintain your Copyright and Contact info.

Now it's time to upload it to Instagram and make your audience enjoy your great content!


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