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K&FConcept Square Filter System pro review

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

If you shoot landscapes soon you’ll need a filter kit. So I’m gonna a be reviewing the K&F Concept Square Filter Holder System Pro. At this point, there are plenty of offers out there to every budget. You name and you have it. So is there anything that really makes a difference in this system? Is it really good? What are its particular features?

That’s what we will find today! As a disclaimer, we should say that the brand send us this kit in December - of course, that wasn’t any money involved, so we will give our honest opinion about it. And we are reviewing it today because we need a proper time to test things out and not do it straight out of the box.

Specs This system was rewarded with the 2021 IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award so it's a good sign that something different is on it.

The package is good and helps get a better experience while getting it for the first time. The leather storage case with a magnetic closure and rear belt clip has various slots inside being each one dedicated to the filter set content.

The kit is supplied with a set of printed instructions for attaching the holder and filters to a lens and how to use the various features. They are adequate if you take the time to read them carefully.

The filter holder has a CPL adjusting wheel and a locking knob. Also a quick installation buckle for the CPL. At once it can hold two filters and a CPL. The slim frame and large diameter help to ensure no vignette while using a wide-angle lens.

Depending on the version you get, there’s a possibility of having 3 ND filters of 3, 6, and 10 stops. Also, a 3 stop GND is available helping to get in a single shot of the sky and the foreground well exposed as you many know.

The four adapter rings are also included for several diameters from your lens. The filters are made of Japanese glass and have 28 multi-layer coatings with double side polishing technology. We like their shape because it makes their installation easier and also has more protection against falls. It makes the filters much easier to swap in and out of the holder, particularly when you also have a grad in place, and also makes them easier to grab from the case.

What about our final thoughts?

It's striking that while using this kit we find out how well thought it is. There are a few clever specs that help us to increase our workflow and eliminate some errors that can happen in the field like not having the cal well placed, or the system not attached correctly.

The build and materials are all very good and will hold the usage.

Interestingly, the K&FConcept filters were less likely to introduce noticeable color casts than their main rivals and the slight color casts they added were easily removed by the Auto Color tool in Photoshop. Every single brand has it because the filters have a slight color in it. So no worries at all here. Here you have some examples:

The ratio quality/price seems to be quite fair. In our opinion, this system deserves a solid 4.7/5.

On the other side, we would love to have a bigger pouch to carry the extra filters that I’m sure you’ll want. So it’s all for today. We hope that you liked our review and expect your positive feedback.

See you soon!

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