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ROde Wireless Go II - Great and Tiny

The Design and Usage

You can’t realize it in an image, but the Go II must be the smallest professional wireless transmitter that I recall. Although the Wireless Go II is eye-catching, the construction is also built to last, with solid materials and almost a lack of movable parts. The display has very good readability and it seems to be water-resistant. The batteries are internal and should last many years before you need to replace them.

The receiver has a screen that shows audio levels, channels, amount of gain, and connection signal. All the modules have a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5mm jack, plus a power button. At the bottom of the receiver, we control the gain and channel selection.

During our tests, the battery life was around 7 hours. The Wireless Go II charges very quickly via even USB C, and there is a wireless charging case available if you want extra ease of use.

Price and content of the box

The Rode Wireless Go II kit is around 300 euros and it comes with two transmitters, one receiver, a soft carrying case, and a set of cables that allow you to connect to a computer or camera. We also have the SC20 USB-C-to-USB-A cables and a 3.5mm TRS cable. If you want to connect it to a phone or tablet the cables will be 20 euros. You can also can purchase the Wireless Go II with a single transmitter and receiver set up for 200 euros.

Sound Quality

The omnidirectional microphones on the transmitters work in the 50Hz to 20kHz frequency range and capture very well the vocals regardless of background noises.

The overall audio quality you’ll get from this setup depends on the quality of the mics you are using. You can replace the mic or fall back to built-in. We also highlight the stability of transmission and the absence of radio interference. The low self-noise has definitely quality for YouTube videos and interviews. Sure it’s a built-in mic, but we expected to have a far from brilliant quality. But we were proved to be wrong. Final thoughts With the Rode Wireless Go II you can record directly to a camera, or mobile, or take even with internal storage.

During the majority of the test, it was easy to use, the audio quality was good, the operating range was very decent,

The only thing that we missed was a mechanical locking for the TRS plug from the external lavalier mic. It could come loose over the clothes quite easily. Also, a mobile app would be great to make all the settings without having to use a computer.

It's a solid 4,75

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